Le Petit Olympia presents le POC, le Petit Olympia Comedy !

Le POC invites you every month to meet la crème de la crème of french humorists for delightful one-man and one-woman shows.


Spice up your evening by discovering an unusual venue in Paris where you will laughing out loud and enjoying delicious cocktails and tapas.


On April 24th at 9pm, LAURENCE VAISSIERE will take the stage, accompanied by : Judith Margolin, Sandra Colombo, Sam.


Join us from 6:30pm to grab a drink or a snack at Le Petit Olympia and enjoying the show. Booking recommended.

Last editions

We laughed on the past editions with  :

🎭 Laura Domenge, Yacine Belhousse, Marine Baousson, Rémi Boyes

🎭 Blandine Lehout, Yassine Hitch, Emy, Richard Sabak

🎭 Karine Dubernet, Julie Villers, Marine Leonardi, Urbain

🎭 Judith Margolin, Laurence Vaissière, Sandra Colombo et Noémie Delattre

🎭 Marine Leonardi, Marine Ella, Alexis Rossignol, Yassir

🎭 Marine Baousson, Noam Sinseau, Isabelle Lefaucheur, Marie Reno

🎭 Richard Sabak, Akim Omiri, Blandine Lehout, Nadim

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